Synopsis for Fey Song: A Tale of a Warrior, a Witch, & a Princess

Fey-called, they said of me, that child is touched by the fairies. Peculiar. Different. But just whether I was blessed or cursed only time would tell . . .

Curses, secrets and magic abound in this tale of self-discovery and acceptance.

Princess Freya grew up in the shadow of the curse a witch spoke on the eve of her birth, a curse that cast her as an outsider in the Kingdom of Harfeld where magic is feared. One fateful night, fleeing for her life, Freya finds herself far from home in a dangerous realm ruled by fairies and demons called the shadow-dwellers.

Amidst trying to survive, she falls into the company of a stranger with secrets of his own, and along the way encounters powerful magical beings that reveal choices she never thought she would have to make between good and evil, light and dark.

Choices that will determine not only her future, but the fate of her entire kingdom.

*book release coming soon!*

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