A woman stands at the edge of the great forest, called by the fairies’ song. Her feet know the way so she does not need the moonlight falling through the canopy of leaves to lead her, turning the shadows to silver, but she does not go in, hesitating just at the edge of the tree … Continue reading Epilogue

Chapter Thirteen

They yanked me away from Gavin, pulling my arms sharply behind my back. He was unconscious, his eyes shut, blood dripping down his chin. I felt my stomach clench at the sight of it, then transferred my gaze to glare murderously at the witch. She smiled, her eyes cold. We were dragged back into the … Continue reading Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Twelve

The light of torches illuminated the dimness I’d grown accustomed to, causing me to squint against the sudden brightness. I heard the footsteps of a single guard, and felt a knot of apprehension loosen itself in my stomach. The witch was not with him. Still, I pressed myself against the farthest wall, keeping in the … Continue reading Chapter Twelve

Chapter Seven

Light fell into the cave and bird song began.  Knowing that Harfeld had not fallen made me anxious to be on our way, making progress back through the wood towards the Forest Path. "Is it safe?" the words were hopeful, tentative, "Can I go home?" I knew Cormack was awake and listening. He’d been standing … Continue reading Chapter Seven