The Way Back: The High Magician and the King Synopsis

Seven years.
Seven years was a long time, when she thought about it. Of course, she didn’t feel much different in some ways. In other ways, she barely recognized herself. But that’s what happens when you grow up.
And that’s what happens when hard things happen.
A lot can happen in seven years . . .and a lot had.

Darcie grew up. And with growing up, she learned that she had to leave certain things behind her. Terrlyn and the adventure she had there, the person she was, seemed to become a long ago, far off dream. However, after the magic of the locket wakes up, Darcie is once again pulled into the magical world she thought she had left behind her forever.

Finding Terrlyn on the brink of war with a powerful kingdom to the East, it will take old and new friends, unlikely allies, and no small amount of magic to save the kingdom Darcie and Amos fought to free from the icy reign of the dark witch. Along the way, Darcie finds new depths to her strength, healing, and freedom.

And discovers that maybe, just maybe, who she is now is exactly who Terrlyn needs.

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