For the Aimless

64320886_764540017277605_5134008879763423232_n.jpgHello friends! I know it’s been a long while since I’ve written anything on my blog.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt really unfocused lately.

Up until this point in my life I’ve had very clearly defined goals and dreams. Things I wanted to check off my list, places I wanted to go . . .

I’ve been fortunate enough to have accomplished them.

But lately I’ve found myself thinking: what’s next? I feel rootless and a little aimless, for the first time in my life my list of goals completely blank. A form of writers block on life, as it were.

For someone like me, always striving towards the next thing, this season of life has been weird and a little unsettling. It seems strange to be in a season of just existing when so much of my life has been chasing directly after something.

But you know what’s cool? I can set new goals.

It may take me a little while to determine where I want to go next or what I want to conquer and it may look vastly different from anything I’ve pursued before. But maybe that’s ok.

You know what’s cooler? While I embraced my single days, accomplishing my list of dreams and knocking them off one by one, it’s neat to have stepped into a new part of my story. A part where I’m holding the hand of my best adventure buddy and staunchest believer as we figure out life together.

So I guess this is just to encourage you all who feel this too, wherever you are. I encourage you to set new goals, but be patient with yourself while you find them and try to breathe.

I’m working on telling myself I’m more than just my next achievement.

Because I am.

And so are you.


Much love,


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