Sometimes things happen.

Sometimes things happen and they hurt. Words hurt. People hurt. Life hurts. And it doesn’t make sense no matter how much you try to wrap your mind around it. It makes you think, What is wrong with me?” And oftentimes, there will be plenty of people telling you what is wrong with you. How you can change. How you can grow. How the things that hurt are good. Like that will fix it. I’m not saying it isn’t true, that growth doesn’t happen, because it does . . .

But sometimes things in life just hurt. And it doesn’t make sense. And it’s not about how you can change. It’s not about what’s wrong with you.

Sometimes it’s not your fault. Sometimes what’s been done is just wrong.

Sometimes it’s not about helping someone find the bright-side.

Sometimes it’s about being on their side.

And telling them they’re going to be okay. 


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